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Weed Control & Fertilization

Polyon Fertilizer

Give your plants what they want when they need it with our Polyon Fertilizer. Easily distinguishable by its trademark green colour, this exceptional product saves you time, worry and ultimately, money, by releasing essential nutrients into the soil using the industry leading controlled-release technology.

It may sound like magic, but in fact, this professional grade product gets its power from science. Polyon fertilizer contains polyurethane membranes, and each membrane houses nutrients which are dispersed at key intervals in your plants development using temperature based osmotic diffusion.

We're talking months of consistent fertilization, in one step. Not more depleted green space, no more sporadic surges in growing rates. Polyon fertilizer promotes steady, healthy growth.

Not only does this help your landscape look great, it's environmentally friendly too. Polyon uses all of the nutrients, effectively eradicating instances of soil leaching, nutrient lock-off and nitrogen volitization. Its impressive adaptability means Polyon can be used for different seasons, and across a range of soil types.