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Eco Friendly Lawn Spray Programs

Traditional Weed Control

Your garden variety weeds are a force to be reckoned with. They compete for the same fertile soil as your grass, and so by nurturing your grass, you’re inadvertently nurturing these unwanted eyesores. Even the most diligent of homeowners can see weeds infest their much-loved turf, and this is why the best defense is a good offense.

How do you do this?

By actively encouraging the growth of a lush, thriving lawn. This natural approach will overpower the weeds, effectively choking them out. Aerating your lawn annually, mowing it once a week at the correct height, ensuring proper soil pH, and watering it properly are easy ways to help control weeds.

Of course, weeds are aggressive, so you may need to step up your game.

This is where our government regulated synthetic herbicide sprays come in. Specially designed for pesky broad-leaf weeds, our sprays are meant to treat weeds that are present at the time to avoid wastefully treating your entire lawn. Our weed control sprays are guaranteed to help beautify your green heaven.