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    If you are looking for a high-quality soil that can support a variety of plants and gardening projects, look no further than our organic triple mix. This soil is a blend of screened topsoil, mushroom compost, and black peat that provides excellent drainage, aeration, and nutrients for your plants. Whether you want to topdress your lawn, create a new vegetable garden or flower bed, revive an existing one, or plant some trees and shrubs, our organic triple mix is the perfect choice. It is a great all-purpose growing soil that can help you achieve beautiful and healthy results. Plus, it is now approved for organic growing, so you can rest assured that your soil is free of synthetic chemicals and additives. Order your organic triple mix today and enjoy the benefits of this amazing soil!

    Price per bag: $7.00 | Price per yard: $65.00

  • #1 TOPSOIL

    Natural screened topsoil that has been extensively screened for end use. Somewhat higher sand content soil that is a more cost effect choice where more buildup is required.

    Price per bag: $7.00 | Price per yard: $43.00

  • Mushroom Compost

    Composed of the nutrient rich soil that grows mushrooms, our top quality mushroom compost is an environmentally friendly way to add life and colour to your lawn and garden.

    The magic is in the mushrooms, which have strikingly different growing needs than green plants andrequire precious little of the nutrients used for lawns and gardens. When the mushrooms are harvested, they leave behind soil rich in readily absorbable nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

    Made from 100% organic material like peat moss, horse manure, straw and gypsum, our locally sourced mushroom compost is the consummate outdoor soil conditioner that can also be used as mulch and potting mix additive.

    This is your ultimate earth-friendly green space enhancer. Not only does it reuse a natural bi-product,but since mushroom compost holds up to 70% of its weight in water, it also reduces the amount of water needed during drier springs and summers.

    Price per bag: $7.00 | Price per yard: $74.00

  • Gro-Max Premium Garden Soil

    Dark, rich, soil formulated for optimum root growth and plant health

    Price per bag: $7.00 | Price per yard: $74.00



    Our washed riverstone is a beautiful mixture of smooth, coloured stone commonly used for outlining gardens or filling in ponds. Take your decorative landscape project to the next level with this mulch alternative and watch your property pop with a breathtakingly rare look and feel.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $69.00


    Our washed riverstone rock mixture is uniquely suited for high-quality flower beds, ponds and walkways. These soft, manicured stones can be used to add a tasteful accent to any landscape.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $69.00


    This natural mix of ornamental stone is a perfect blend of smooth, washed rock to enhance your landscaping project. Spread this stunning and unique mix throughout your flower bed or pond and watch your property come alive with colour and character.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $69.00


    Use our attractive, washed peastone as a gravel alternative in your next decorative application. This compact, light-weight and smooth stone is designed to add a spin on your existing concrete or mulch landscaping project.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $69.00

  • EAM Stone

    Exclusive to Tyler Marshall's Garden Centre, EAM Stone is a miracle product for anyone looking to enhance their hardscape with a premium quality product. This professional grade stone is composed of 3/8" washed limestone chips, and not only replaces the necessity for a bedding layer, but can also be used as the base layer beneath patio pavers and along walkways.

    Our specially designed EAM stone remains around 97% compacted, but without causing compaction. As a result, it has remarkable drainage, so your landscape won't turn into a wetland.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $55.00


    Build and mold to your heart’s content using our fresh yard sand. This product is incredibly versatile and can be used for just about any landscape project. Our granulated sand is sifted and washed for use in children’s sandboxes and can also be used for extreme winter traction on all sections of your property, including driveways and walkways.

    Price per bag: $7.00 | Price per yard: $41.00


    Use our stone dust to create a level base for your masonry projects. Brick, flagstone, driveways, walkways and retaining walls all need a level of stone dust to ensure sustainability and enforcement. Our professional quality stone dust is a staple in your next big concrete mixing project. Lay your brick or gravel driveway with confidence knowing you’ve utilized the power of stone dust to solidify the structure of your concrete.

    Price per bag: $7.00 | Price per yard: $41.00

  • 3/4" GRAVEL (CLEAN)

    Our naturally crushed, 3⁄4” high-quality gravel is the perfect source for your next big concrete project. This all-purpose gravel is a clean, sustainable mixture ideal for driveways, decorative gardens, walkways and other concrete-based areas on your property.

    Price per bag: $7.00 | Price per yard: $42.00

  • 5/8" GRAVEL

    Our 5⁄8” crushed gravel is similar to our 3⁄4” gravel, but with a smaller top size. This coarse crushed gravel is commonly used in soft landscaping situations that are looking for a finished appearance. The 5⁄8” gravel is ideal for soft ground and muddy areas of your property.

    Price per bag: $7.00 | Price per yard: $41.00



    Our top quality cedar mulch is a fresh blend of ground white cedar bark featuring a natural cedar aroma and toasted brown colour. This mulch is slow decomposing, so it’ll stand up to extreme weather conditions all the while helping to enrich the topsoil beneath the surface.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $68.00


    Keep your gardens glowing with our golden mulch. This radiant light coloured mulch inhibits weed growth while promoting optimal fertilization and water retention. In addition to providing your landscaping with a brilliant pop of colour, our golden mulch also protects your garden from erosion, so your space will not only look fantastic, but will be a low maintenance delight for the entire year.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $68.00


    Our enhanced red cedar mulch is a red infused white cedar bark with a course, fiber texture and a strong cedar aroma. We only offer the best, so our red cedar mulch is strong and matted, making it ideal for slopes and large landscaped areas.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $68.00


    Our black mulch is a hardwood blend that’s naturally dyed with black pigment for a long-lasting, environmentally friendly, aesthetically appealing landscape accent. This signature mulch is designed to improve the quality of your soil and reduce the hours you spend maintaining your property.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $68.00



    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $68.00


    Formulated from crisp pine bark, our freshly shredded pine mulch has a distinct pine aroma and unique golden brown colour. This exceptional pine mulch is designed to decompose into your sub-soil to enrich, condition the earth and keep your garden and planted accessories happy and healthy.

    Price per bag: $8.00 | Price per yard: $68.00

General Gardening Supplies


    Our easy-to-set grass rolls are a simple and powerful alternative to grass seed. Our grass rolls provide the perfect solutions for any growth problem areas. Whether you’re laying a new lawn or fixing rough patches on your current property, our grass rolls are designed to give you that perfect lawn you’ve always wanted.

    Per roll $8.00


    Use our contract grade geogrid cloth to improve and maintain the structural integrity of your sloping soil projects. Our high-quality geogrid cloth can be used to help reinforce walls, slopes, large gardens, and other soil enforcement projects on your property. This exclusive and powerful product will tackle your sloping and soft sub-grade issues, helping your soils stand at virtually any desired angle and giving you the aesthetic appeal you desire.

    5' X 1' $4.00 per linear foot