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Lawn Care

Lawn Aeration Services in Kingston

Lawn aeration is like a spa day for your grass. It involves breaking up the soil with tiny holes to facilitate better circulation of air, water and nutrients to the roots. This important step in lawn care is often overlooked, but is crucial - especially if your turf is older. As sod ages, the earth underneath often becomes compacted to the point of near suffocation - literally. The roots of your grass cannot absorb air, water and other vital nutrients. As a result, the health of your lawn is compromised and the area is more likely to become a breeding ground for pests, weeds and diseases.

Our lawn aeration service is a fast, affordable and effective way to:

  • Improve the vitality of your lawn by reducing thatch and soil compaction
  • Reduce hiding places for insects, turf disease and fungi
  • Improve water and fertilizer movement through soil
  • Encourage deep lawn roots

You can get lawn aeration as part of our packages, or get a quote for a separate treatment now. Your grass will love you for it – and it’ll show every single time you look at your beautiful, healthy lawn.