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Lawn Care

Lawn Care Packages

Caring for your lawn can be a full-time, year round job. Proper lawn care requires experience and skill to implement the right program for your unique vision and space. That's where we come in.

Our trained lawn care technicians know exactly how to tailor our programs and packages to suit any space in any season. It doesn’t matter if your lawn needs a whole lot of TLC or simply some general maintenance, we can help.

From our basic lawn maintenance program to our more advanced packages, we take care of your lawn from spring fertilization to summer weed control to winter preparation and everything in between. Our intricate system is designed to never stop working to keep your lawn beautiful, even between visits from our pros.

The best lawn care professionals in the industry - in Kingston and beyond

Did you know things like mower height, watering, and fertilizer application can do more harm than good if done improperly or at the wrong time or rate? Our pros have decades of extensive experience under their belts and know the ins and outs of lawn care, so you can rest assured that your lawn is the hands of the greenest thumbs in the industry. A little money spent now can save a lot of expense and aggravation later.

Don’t beat around the bush – let us prune it to perfection!

Our pros are not limited to the care of your lawn. They’re also trained to care for your trees and shrubs. Many people prune and snip with abandon, forgetting that their foliage is a living, breathing thing that grows on its own terms. As a result, the health and appearance of their trees and shrubs suffer. We’re able to take preventative measures to protect your property’s investment and we’re also equipped with a full spread of services to fix any current issues.

Take a look at our packages. You can choose a comprehensive, year round package, or a seasonal package, depending on your needs.

Seasonal Packages:

  • Spring

    • Raking of leaves and debris
    • Cleaning and edging of flower beds
    • Pruning of rose bushes
    • Trimming of shrubs
    • De-thatching of grass
    • First lawn cut
  • Fall

    • Raking of leaves and debris
    • Fall pruning and winter preparation
    • Cleaning and edging of flower beds
    • Final lawn cutting
  • Weekly

    • Cut and trim lawn (clippings bagged and swept)
    • Weed, turn and edge the flower beds
    • Maintain shrubs
    • Grass bag removal service*

*Extra charge applies.

Other lawn care services include:

  • Lawn Aeration

    • Reduce thatch and soil compaction
    • Reduce hiding places for insects, turf disease and fungi
    • Improve water and fertilizer movement through soil
    • Encourage deep lawn roots
  • We can also help with...

    • Shrub/tree planting and removal
    • Annual/perennial planting
    • Topsoil delivery/installation
    • Seeding and sodding
    • Design and cutting of flower beds