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Seed & Sodding Services in Kingston

To seed or just sod off? That is the age old question that's plagued property owners for centuries. While both seeding and sodding can ultimately get you what you desire (lush, green grass), each method has its own pros and cons that could make one tactic more advantageous than another when it comes to your lawn. No two lawns are exactly alike, just as no two property owners are identical, so when it comes to deciding whether to seed or sod your lawn, you should take both factors into consideration.

Let us show you what we mean...


Seeding involves spreading and growing your grass from seed.


  • Stronger initial root system development
  • More grass varieties and types from which to choose
  • More cost effective than sodding
  • If you're in the shade, the seed will take better


  • Takes longer to establish, initially
  • The right conditions (particularly adequate moisture) are crucial to the development of the seedlings
  • Difficult to develop grass on hills and embankments
  • Time is of the essence, as the best results for seeding is in late summer and early autumn


Sod involves transplanting mature turf that's been nurtured by professionals.

The sod is rolled out like a carpet over your lawn area.


  • Initially, sod is comparatively free of weeds
  • Easy and fast to implement
  • Great for areas with hills and that are prone to erosion
  • Time is not as critical, and sod can be laid anytime from late spring to early fall


  • More expensive than seeding
  • Not as much selection, since your only options are what the supplier has in stock

Tips: Soil Prep!

No matter which option you choose, soil prep is critical. Get familiar with your soil by learning about its characteristics. The best soil for a healthy lawn is called loam soil and is made up of a balance of clay, sand and silt. Loam not only holds moisture and nutrients well, but it will also drain and allow for healthy air flow.

Optimal pH...

Soil pH is measured from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very alkaline). Grass grows best when the soil is marginally acidic (6 or 7). It’s a good idea to get a soil test done so you know what you’re dealing with and can make a more informed decision about whether seeding or sodding is best for you.

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