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Weed Control & Fertilization

Lawn Care Programs

Your lawn is like you: one-of-a-kind. Strictly speaking, it’s not like any other lawn on the street, in the neighbourhood or in the world. Its exact surroundings are totally unique to your location and as such, properly caring for your lawn requires a personal approach – an educated, personal approach. All of our lawn care programs have been designed to allow us to meet your lawn’s specific needs with ease and efficiency - with a variety of options for any budget. Whether your lawn needs some routine care, a full-on overhaul or something in the middle, we’ve got an organic lawn care program that will make sure your space looks its best year round.

This isn’t your garden variety lawn care. Check out our organic lawn care programs:


Lawn Care Programs

Weed control & fertilizers.

  • LAWN CARE COMPLETE $465 based on 3000 sq. ft.

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    The Lawn Care Complete program focuses on both the soil and grass to provide optimal conditions for a rich and healthy lawn.


    • Lawn assessment
    • Fertilzer
    • Aerify Plus
    • Sea Force Kelp Extract


    • Lawn Assessment
    • Fiesta Weed Control
    • Aerify Plus
    • Sea Force Kelp Extract


    • Lawn Assessment
    • Fertilizer
    • Fiesta Weed Control
    • Aerify Plus
    • Sea Force Kelp Extract


    • Lawn Assessment
    • Fertilizer
    • Fiesta Weed Control
    • Aerify Plus
    • Fall Compost

    Discover the advanced products we use with this package...


    Naturally enhanced granulated compost

    Granulated Compost 3-1-1 is designed to nourish beneficial soil biology, improve nutrient uptake, refine soil structure, and maximize plant health. Our compost is enhanced with numerous soil stimulating ingredients providing a benefit at any time throughout the growing season. It can be used to kickstart nutrient mineralization in the spring, prepare turf for fall dormancy or as a means of alleviating stress during difficult summer months.

    Dried and granulated, this compost is also dust and odor free making it clean and effective.

    SEA FORCE 0-0-6

    Concentrated liquid extract of cold water seaweed

    Sea Force is a concentraded liquid extract of cold water seaweed designed for use on turf. The type of kelp used in Sea Force, Ascophyllum nodosum, has been specifically chosen and harvested from Northern Atlantic waters.

    The application of Sea Force has been shown to have a myriad of benefits before and during periods of stress. Regular applications will inhibit the action of senescence-inducing enzymes, reducing the rate of chlorophyll degradation while maintaining photosynthetic rates and root viability.

    AERIFY PLUS 15-0-0

    Liquid soil aeration & biostimulant

    Aerify Plus offers a proven method to improving soil structure over core aeration. While an effective practice, core aeration generally only affects five to seven percent of the overall surface area with each treatment. An Aerify Plus application will provide full coverage with longer lasting effects.

    Key ingredients in Aerify Plus have been shown to improve soil’s physical properties, to increase rootzone oxygen levels and allow for deeper penetration of water. This improved soil porosity helps encourage deeper rooting and leads to healtheir soil.

    The added carbon content in Aerify Plus will further boost beneficial soil microbes to help reduce thatch, improve nutrient and moisture uptake, and enhance the plants ability to withstand environmental stress.

  • SPRING JUMP START +$545 based on 3000 sq. ft.

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    Start the year off right then take it to the next level for a year round healthy lawn.

    SPRING JUMP START + program includes:

    • De-thatching
    • Aeration
    • Spring Fertilizer
    • Compost Top Dressing
    • Overseeding

Prices based on 3000 sq ft yard

Weed Control

The importance of weed control goes far beyond mere aesthetics - weeds can actually comprise the health of your lawn and garden. Some weeds are noxious and can prevent your plants and lawn from thriving.

What makes a weed a weed?

Anyone who's been given a bouquet of dandelions from a child would be reluctant to call these gifts 'weeds' - in fact, they were only classified as weeds in the 20th century. However, that's precisely what they are. Weeds are usually defined as having at least one of these characteristics:

  • They compete with other plants or crops for nutrients, light, water and space
  • They have little or no value in terms of medicine, material, nutrition or energy
  • They grow quickly and have easy germination

While dandelions are arguably one of the best weeds, offering up a ton of nutritional and medicinal benefits, they do spread quickly and are often an eyesore for people wanting a uniformly verdant lawn. Weeds in general can host pests and deprive your lawn of vital nutrients, which is why weed control is so important.

The best defence is a good offense...

Our weed control prevent outbreaks from happening - they protect the integrity of our earth as well as the integrity of your lawn. No harsh chemicals, just quick and effective results. It’s never too late to implement a weed control program, so book an appointment with our weed control specialist today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with gorgeous grass.