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White Grub Control

These little guys can do serious damage. Species like the May Beetle, June Beetle, European Chafer and Japanese Beetle can live under your lawn, feeding on the roots of your turf and resulting in stress and even death of grass. A white grub infestation can also encourage animals like skunks and racoons to tear up your turf trying to feast on the plump larvae, making your green space look more like a war zone.

Thankfully, there's a solution. In fact, there are a couple of solutions, and they are both found in our white grub control options.


Fight fire with fire, and grubs with worms. Nematodes are worms that we use to infect white grubs at their most sensitive stage in August or early September. Nematodes offer a completely organic, environmentally friendly and effective way to wage war against white grubs. They are totally safe for pets and children, and occur naturally in our environment, so you aren't introducing a dangerous foreign species into your soil.

The ideal time for this white grub control treatment is when humidity is high and the UV index is low, since nematodes thrive in these conditions. For optimal transmission of the nematodes, it's also best to have your lawn core aerated prior to treatment. You'll also want to ensure your lawn is moist so that the white grubs are lured closer to the surface where they can be more easily infected. Your lawn should remain moist for 10 days after, which will help the nematodes survive and conquer.