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Looking to start a lawn or garden project this Spring? Now’s the perfect time.

Lawn Care & Landscaping Experts in Kingston

Decades of landscaping and lawn care experience combined with an organic love for our work means that we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality, affordable and earth-friendly landscaping solutions. There's almost nothing we can't do.

Pristine, green grass isn't the be all and end all of a beautiful lawn, and it certainly isn't the beginning and end of our lawn care services. We're happy to offer a spread of premium services at competitive rates so every property owner can experience the joy of convenient, hassle free lawn care.

  • Landscaping
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Weed Control and fertilizer
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Weed Control
  • Seeding & Sodding
  • Topsoil Delivery/Installation
  • Shrub/Tree Planting & Removal
  • Annual/Perennial Planting
  • Design & Cutting of Flower Beds

Weed control

Keeping your space green and vital starts with keeping our earth healthy. That’s why we’re committed to providing the most environmentally friendly services and products available.

TurfPro Basic

Our TurfPro Basic fertilizer and weed control spray is designed with high nutrient, premium quality, slow release fertilizer to feed your lawn at key intervals throughout the year. This basic method is an integral part of keeping your lawn fertilizer and weed issues under control with little to no heavy maintenance.

TurfPro Basic program includes:

  • Spring turf fertilizer
  • Spring weed control
  • Summer turf fertilizer
  • Fall weed control
  • Fall turf fertilizer

TurfPro Elite

Give your lawn some serious care with our TurfPro Elite program. This specially designed system is like a spa day for your lawn: it cleanses to perfection and nourishes all year long. The end result is a stunningly smooth, envy-inducing landscape that’s high-profile and low maintenance.

TurfPro Elite program includes:

  • Spring turf fertilizer
  • Spring weed control
  • Summer turf fertilizer
  • Summer weed control
  • Fall weed control
  • Fall turf fertilizer
  • Core aeration

TurfPro Natural

The TurfPro process is all-natural, using the power of the earth and your existing soil to strengthen your lawn. This earth-friendly fertilization spray offers a powerful combination of seaweed kelp natural fertilizers and root building aeration to increase the organic content and the microbial activity of your soil.

TurfPro Natural program includes:

  • Spring turf fertilizer
  • Late spring turf fertilizer
  • Summer turf fertilizer
  • Fall turf fertilizer
  • Core aeration

Spring Jump Start

You have a limited window of opportunity to make sure your spring lawn yields lush summer grass. Our Spring Jump Start package combines the right time with the right people and right products to give your grass what it needs to turn into a vibrant green space in the coming months. Early spring is the best time to act, since the ground is softer and more receptive to this powerful treatment. So don’t wait.

Spring Jump Start program includes:

  • De-thatching
  • Aeration
  • Spring fertilizer

Spring Jump Start +

Winter take a toll on your lawn? Then our Spring Jump Start Plus is the healthy hit of TLC it wants and needs. Priming your lawn for optimal growth and packing it with nutrients, this treatment includes the application of a powerful - and odourless - pellet compost than keeps water and food in the root system - where it's needed. Next up is overseeding, a procedure that will help thicken grass to promote healthy growth.

Spring Jump Start Plus program includes:

  • De-thatching
  • Aeration
  • Spring fertilizer
  • Compost top dressing
  • Over seeding

Start A Project With Us

At Tyler Marshall we aim to provide you with the best looking lawn & garden. We pay attention to the smallest details, we are prompt and courteous, and we take care of our customers as though they were family. We pledge to surpass your expectations and to be better with every job we do.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

  • “It is with my great pleasure and without hesitation that I recommend the services of Tyler Marshall, who has lent me his professional expertise and services on various landscaping and light construction projects over the last few years. I am confident that you will find Tyler to be the best man for the job.”

    – John Moore

  • “Tyler supervised and performed substantial construction and landscaping for me over the past year and a half. The work performed was first rate; Tyler and his workers were courteous, prompt and diligent. Tyler was always able to communicate about the ongoing progress and was very professional. I recommend his services without any reservation.”

    – James Alexander

  • “My wife and I have been clients of yours for the past four years, for lawn and garden care in the summer and for snow removal in the winter. You and your employees have been efficient, prompt, helpful and friendly at all times. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone needing the kinds of services you provide.”

    – Louis A. Delvoie